What is a Hackathon?

It is an event where group of people come together to solve problems.Hackathon’s follows the principle of “spend less time planning and more time doing”. Types of Hackathon There are various types of Hackathon’s organized; Focused on programming for a platform; mobile, specific operating system, API or Framework programming Communal projects - to solve existing... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Web design trends 2015

Much is said about the web design trends, this one is a consolidated list of all trends happening in web and mobile today. Flat & simpler design With more penetration of smartphones and tablets, there is a need for websites to simpler and easy to scan. Users need to scan the websites faster and easy... Continue Reading →

Sencha Touch – Mobile Web framework

Today i was looking out for a mobile framework for developing HTML 5 applications that works across devices and operating systems, and found out Sencha Touch. I downloaded the package and i am pretty amused that how much this eases the work of development team, my team has struggled a lot 6 months ago where... Continue Reading →

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